Technology Solutions

Accelerate will help you find the best MSP, telecom, cloud, security data center solution, and supplier. As well, we will ensure you stay on top of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. We complement your technology and sourcing teams to optimize your requirements.

Technology Procurement

We assist you in procuring and integrating the most comprehensive technology solutions currently available on the market, while also developing the processes that will enable you to maintain & grow with your advanced technology solutions.

$0 Upfront Fees & No Retainer Fee.

    • Access To Cooperative Pricing
    • Centralized Provisioning
    • Complete Transparency
    • Multi-Supplier Management
    • Objective Recommendations
    • Proven Process- Yields Savings
    • Single Point of Contact


As more data and business operations are conducted online, the likelihood of viruses and cyberattacks increases significantly. It can be challenging to develop and implement the internal systems, services, and tools needed to successfully minimize these risks. Our cybersecurity experts assist in securing your information systems by monitoring, detecting, investigating, analyzing, and responding to security events, keeping your systems protected against cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.


    • Email Security
    • Endpoint Protection
    • Managed Detection & Response
    • Next-Generation Firewalls
    • Security Awareness & Training
    • Security Information Event Management
    • SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)

Key Benefits

    • Brand Trust & Reputation Protection
    • Business Continuity
    • Data Protection from Unauthorized Access, Loss,
      or Deletion
    • Financial Fraud and Embezzlement Prevention
    • Improves Customer Confidence
    • Protection Against Internal & External Threats
    • Protection of Intellectual Property
    • Regulatory Compliance


The cloud enables your organization to scale and grow its IT operations in a rapid and cost-effective way. Cloud-related procurement and logistics have become significantly more complex because of various technological advancements. Our experts and solutions simplify the process and enable you to properly evaluate what your business requires from its cloud infrastructure.


    • Private Cloud Solutions
    • Public Cloud Solutions
    • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Key Benefits

    • Access to Expert Advice
    • Access to Resources & Technologies
    • Broad Network Access
    • Flexibility to Scale Up & Down
    • Improve Operational & Cost Efficiency
    • Improved Quality of Service
    • Movement of IT Expenses
    • On-Demand Self-Service
    • Resource Pooling

Managed Services

In today’s competitive market, organizations must accomplish more with less resources, especially when it comes to staff responsible for managing and maintaining complex communications systems. By outsourcing these services, you can expand your coverage beyond the usual 9-to-5 workday, offering coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    • Centralized Management
    • Proactive Support
    • Real-Time Monitoring
    • Remote Support
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Simplified Billing

Key Benefits

    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Access to Expert Advice, Resources & Technologies
    • Improve Operational & Cost Efficiency
    • Improve Security
    • Knowledge and Application of Emerging Technology
    • Provide Business Continuity
    • Visibility into Future Trends


    • Compliance Awareness & Training
    • Creation of Policy & Procedures
    • Data Privacy Audit
    • Policy Gap Analysis

Compliance Protection

Compliance is one of the most important concerns for businesses that are data-driven and technology-enabled. The establishment of standards, policies, and procedures for the purpose of preserving the security and privacy of sensitive data is an important requirement. Our experts will conduct audits and monitor your systems to make certain that they adhere to the standards and requirements set forth by your organization as well as any relevant regulatory authorities.

Key Benefits

    • Access to Expert Advice
    • Access to Resources & Technologies
    • Acquire Greater Visibility
    • Build Compliance
    • Identify Vulnerabilities
    • Improve Operational & Cost Efficiency
    • Rapidly Mitigate Risk


A robust network is essential in that it connects all aspects of an organization, allowing for the exchange of information, smooth communication, and efficient processes. Our extensive selection of network solutions enables us to determine the most cost-effective technology to fulfill your needs for optimal bandwidth use, security and management, and service reach.


    • Dark Fiber Network
    • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
    • Ethernet Private Line
    • Fixed Wireless
    • International Networking
    • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
    • SD-WAN
    • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
    • Wavelength Solutions

Key Benefits

    • Access to Expert Advice
    • Access to Resources & Technologies
    • Capacity to Scale
    • Expand Global Reach
    • Improve Operational & Cost Efficiency
    • Improve Security & Control


    • Colocation
    • Data Center Planning
    • Wholesale Data Center

Data Center

Whether you are expanding your business, optimizing your space, or revising your data center strategy to meet customer needs, our Data Center Solutions enable you to align your data center needs with your changing requirements. Our solutions offer versatility backed by the capacity, dependability, and knowledge of a global data center expert.

Key Benefits

    • Global Data Center Expert Advice
    • Global Ecosystem of Resources & Technologies
    • Improved Redundancy
    • Increased Connectivity Options
    • Greater Power Density
    • Scalable Capacity
    • Improve Operational & Cost Efficiency
    • Improve Security & Control