Thank you to the ECI Team for several productive meetings while we were in New York City a few weeks ago. 

The strategy session between ECI and Accelerate Partners was highly productive, focusing on leveraging Generative AI, particularly, LLMs (Large Language Models) Microsoft copilot & Purview (data governance) to enhance operations. Discussions delved into the potential of large language model platforms like ELLA, exploring their applicability in the alternative investment industry. The session identified key areas for collaboration and highlighted the strategic advantages of integrating advanced AI technologies into both organizations’ frameworks, paving the way for innovative approaches and a competitive edge in the market. 

The signature event had over 100 attendees with many Alternative Investment community VIPs. Learning about the technical and security requirements to deploy CoPilot and when Copilot is useful versus using ECI’s ELLA platform was interesting. To see the live demos drove home the usefulness of AI and how people can harness this power to make their jobs more productive and effective. 

Technical Requirements for Microsoft 365 Copilot  

✓ Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: first available in web versions and later on Desktop (Current Channel)  

✓ Azure Active Directory account (Entra ID)1  

✓ Some features (file restoration, management, etc.) require a OneDrive account  

✓ Outlook: Users need to be using the new Outlook for Windows or MacOS  

✓ Teams: Users must be using Teams desktop or the web app. Both current and new versions of Teams supported  

✓ Loop: Tenants must have Loop enabled. Learn more about how to enable Loop. Manage Loop Workspaces.  

✓ Cross-app experience depends on indexed data; tenants with the richest data get the best results 

Data Protection Recommendations for Microsoft 365 Copilot  

✓ Data Loss Prevention: Learn about data loss prevention – Microsoft Purview (compliance)  

✓ Information Protection Labelling:1 Learn about sensitivity labels – Microsoft Purview (compliance)  

✓ Content Migration/Data Migration for Semantic Indexing: Semantic Index for Copilot: Explained by Microsoft  

✓ SharePoint Site Restrictions Configured: Restrict SharePoint site access – SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and sharing and permissions available in SharePoint in Microsoft 365  

✓ Retention Policies: Learn about retention policies & labels to retain or delete – Microsoft Purview (compliance)  

✓ Feedback: Enable all feedback settings for Microsoft 365 Apps   

✓ Reporting: Data access governance reports in SharePoint admin center 

Thank you ECI team for your partnership with Accelerate Partners, we appreciate collaboration and the thought leadership around Generative AI. We look forward to driving mind share throughout the Alternative Investment community in 2024.